Stop The Count and Don’t Try to Win by a Lot


Before I begin my rant, wish you a very happy and prosperous festive & holiday season.

I am sure you must busy with your family, friends, or clients who want some extra attention this Diwali.

I have been a bit busy too and haven’t been able to publish anything.

But there’s this one thing that was bugging me today. And I thought to share it with you.

You must have seen what’s happening in the US. Trump isn’t ready to concede and instead has made wild tweets over the last week.

This made me laugh frankly. Seeing him throwing tantrums as a child whose toy is being snatched away.

But the two tweets have two important lessons for us as freelancers. I will take them one by one.

1. Stop the Count

Mr. Trump wanted to stop the count because he believed he’s won. (It was all in his head)

Sometimes, we all believe we’ve won – maybe we got that lucrative deal we were chasing or got some guest feature we were desperate for or simply the social media read we craved for.

I am not saying you shouldn’t celebrate these small wins. But you shouldn’t create a linear image in your head when you achieve something good.

While you should cherish these wins and practice gratitude but you should never believe you’ve won the race.

Don’t fall into the lure of wanting to ‘stop the count’ because the world won’t stop just because you got featured on YourStory, Entrepreneur or The Forbes even. Other freelancers would continue to work harder.

Remember, freelancing is a marathon that won’t be won by small sprints (or by beliefs that are hardly true.)

Create a goal and chase it. When you achieve the goal, create a new one and chase that. Just don’t stop.

And when you’re at it, stop counting the hours you’ve spent on growing as a person and professional. Frankly, you would only be thumping your own chest.

No one gets rewarded because of the efforts, just the results. A harsh reality, but the truth.

2. Don’t try to win by a lot, try to build a lot

Mr. Trump said he won by a lot. Which lot? I think he’s not sure of that himself. Anyway, let’s leave him at it.

What this particular phrase reminded me is that I should not try to chase the numbers or ‘vanity metrics’ (social media likes, followers, connections or whatever).

Rather one should focus on their own sanity metrics. And how to stay sane with all the noise around?

Try to build a ‘lot’ – a community to call your own.

It can consist of your friends, your family, your mentors, your fellow freelancers or just anyone with whom you can share your goals, struggles, achievements and fears.

Your lot or this community needn’t be large. But it should be genuine. At the end of the day, if you have two people to share what you have to say, that’s enough. It would keep you grounded and focused on your goal.

And you would find great accountability partners within your lot if you are thinking to achieve something in the coming months.

Don’t be like Trump. Stop chasing the numbers and build meaningful relationships instead- with your peers, your family and your work. And success will be yours for the taking.

Till the next time. Keep freelancing!

Your freelancing companion