Today's Not The Day


Hope you had a fantastic Diwali celebration and I wish all the light for your future endeavors. I am sure you must have lit a diya (earthen lamp) or saw someone lighting it, recently. 

But do you know what to do when the flame starts to flicker? We protect it from the wind by giving it some protection by our hands, trying to save the flickering flame.

Well, let’s talk about that today, how to deal with the dark side of freelancing- when you don’t have enough work.

I have seen many people trying to freelance as an alternative/side gig till the time they don’t find a job. Many even leave it within a few months, complaining how hard it is. 

I just have two words for all that negativity- “Not today!”

We’ve all been there – when we don’t have enough work with us and we start contemplating our life and career choices. 

But please don’t start complaining today. Let’s keep it for tomorrow, or the next week, maybe the next year. And make sure that tomorrow never comes. 🙂

It’s okay to question yourself a bit but remember it never does any good to your career or your skills. Rather, a better way is to introspect, improvise and improve. 

  • Introspect what’s going wrong
  • Improvise your path
  • Improve your skills and knowledge 

Just keep these three ‘I’s close and they would help you fight-off all apprehensions – when a client questions your work or you don’t have enough clients to meet your goals.  

Don’t let external factors affect your inner peace and purpose. Focus on your ‘WHY’, strengthen it and you’ll always be prepared to fight off the ‘freelance famine’ 

I wrote a long blog on freelance famine and how I dealt with it when I was stuck with similar questions and apprehensions on Medium. If you like, please give it a read here.

Till the next time… 
Keep freelancing!  

Your freelance companion