You’re Still Missing The Point


Things are changing fast around us. Right?

I mean every company, startup and entrepreneur looking for a freelancer. Still, the quality of leads seems to be deteriorating (especially if you see the case of social media inbound leads).

You know I am not a big fan of social media. Still, I try to stay active whenever I can and I have observed a thing or two which I believe would help you too.

Earlier, when I thought of inbound leads on social media platforms like LinkedIn, I was fascinated. I thought it would solve a lot of problems for me – I won’t have to excessively persuade prospects, they would come looking for me from around the web, they would already be loving my posts and would be ready to sign over the dotted line.

Though, I know a few freelancers who enjoy that level of credibility, most I talk to agree that leads take a lot of time to convert even when they have been an admirer of our work.

The point is – leads need time. And it’s your responsibility to convert them without being too pushy or clingy.

Yes, we love when a prospect pays an advance and we get to mark him/her as our client. But mostly, you would see the wheel won’t roll down automatically. Now, there are two ways to make sure the wheel keeps rolling and reaches it’s destination (you get the client):

  • Push the wheel with your full force in the beginning (Make the best pitch ever)

Keep running behind the wheel and add force from time to time (Follow up from time to time)


What do you think is better out of the two?

Clearly, it’s better to push the wheel from the top of the mountain and let gravity do its job. This way you won’t have to spend hours in the coming weeks following up with a prospect again and again. (Which is a time consuming process that drains energy)

I am not saying follow-ups are not worth the effort. But when you know a lead will take time to convert, why not give the maximum push at the beginning itself?

Here’s how you can push the wheel and make sure it will land on the ground (you will get to convert your lead into a client)

Instead of relying on what the prospect’s perception about you from what you are on social media, give them something concrete to decide when they first contact you. Here is what you can do:

  1. Share your past success stories and relevant case studies (Don’t know how to write a case study? Here is a quick way to create case studies as a freelancer)
  2. Give them advice they won’t find on Google. Learn about their business before getting on a call and build a custom verbal pitch. (Here is how to create the ultimate cold pitch – Stick to the steps and you’ll have enough to talk about)
  3. Give them a custom proposal (Document your verbal cold pitch into a PPT, Doc file and share with the client before the call)

When you take the above steps, you won’t have to keep pushing. You’ve rolled the wheel from the top of a cliff. It will land on the ground sooner or later, for sure.

I’ve been following this for a while now and my wheel always lands (Sometimes, even after a year). I stay on top of a prospect’s mind when I talk in their terms and show them the proof of the goals they are looking to achieve from a project.

PS: When you have a lot on your plate, it’s always good to reduce the burden. While I am not demeaning your follow-up efforts, let’s admit, it’s tiring and sometimes doesn’t give the desired results. So, always set a strong foot right from the beginning.

Till the next time….

Your freelance companion Anmol