You're the Best



I just wanted to tell you this- that you're amazing! And I mean it, from all my heart. No seriously, I am not trying to flatter you, at all. 

Recently, I discovered something, or should I say, I realized it. 

We don't appreciate anything as freelancers  

We are so busy with our clients, work, schedule, projects, deadlines, etc. that we forget something more important - appreciating others. (I won't go at the topic of patting our own back for things we achieve every day. That scenario is also a mess, I know.)  

As a freelancer, we're always working in a silo, alone and holed up in our room or co-working cubicle. Our relatives, friends and family don't get our work style and schedule. 

In short, we rarely have the time or anyone around us to cheer our spirits.

I don't know if you've seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or not. (It's a series on Amazon Prime) If you haven't, you should.  

Mrs. Maisel is a separated  housewife who always supported her husband's standup career dream. But she never cared about herself (before the separation). Once, she performs herself (while drunk), she realizes she's better than her husband. But throughout the series, she struggles to make a mark.

Do you know, what kept her going? It was Susie Myerson - who was broke herself but agrees to be a manager to Mrs. Maisel. And whenever she's feeling down, Susie just has two words to say - 'Tits Up!' (which means, you can't give up today) .

The gist of dragging Mrs. Maisel into all this? We all are miserable and worried in our lives- about work, money, time, etc. When someone lifts us up (or appreciates us), we get the power to fight again.  

A Seed Can Bloom Alone  

You know what? 

A seed cannot grow all by itself- it needs the support of the soil, climate, sunlight to grow. 

Similarly, if you want to grow as a freelancer, you need to start appreciating others around you- your peers, your clients, your teammates, or anyone who's just on the same journey. 

You already know that I wrote a book this month, and I don't need to tell you how alone it can get. Right?

But the kind of support I received from people around me lifted up my spirits like no financial support or a closed deal could ever have done. 

I've said it earlier - find your tribe. 

I'll say it again- build a community around yourself. If you're the seed, find your sunshine, climate and fertile soil. And be the same for others, too.

Now, who better to approach than your fellow freelancers? Because they're on the same journey and have the same problems. 

Become someone's accountability partner, cheer them up when they're down and give a shout out every time they do something that's important to them.

Your one small act can make all the difference and motivate the other one to do wonders. 

Say it at least 10 times (if not more) in a month to others- You're the best! 

You get it, right? The delight is similar to the one you feel when a client appreciates your hard work. 

Abhijeet Kumar (The Lazy Writertalked about creating a smile file where he adds all the good things people say about his work or himself as a person. And I remarked once that such a thing has everything to fight off the hard times as a freelancer.

When someone else cheers for us, there's stays no reason to feel gloomy. Right?  

Also, when you start doing this, you'll attract support for yourself, too. Because when you need others, they'll be ready to cover your back.

You'll only grow when the whole community will grow.

I've seen ego-battles, negativity, leg pulling, a lot in the last few years. (even among freelancers). All this doesn't benefit anyone. In fact, it breaks the trust of outsiders (clients and prospects) in the freelancing community. 

And this isn't just about freelancers- always be helpful and appreciate everyone - your clients, your peers, your friends.

Because that'll make you a positive person and growth only come to those who're happy seeing others grow. 

I know this isn't a new thought, but I just wanted to share this today because I am happy today for all the support I got over all these years. Also, I wanted to write this today because I got my first book in my hands, finally :).

I didn't want to lose the moment. So, I thought of sharing my happiness with you through all this.    


It doesn't cost money to be supportive

From today, I'll try to be more supportive to people who're on their own journey towards glory. I already started this with the #BigStory initiative. I just want you to start appreciating others around you, too.

Remember, it's not about the time - we can always spare a few minutes to support the other one. It's not also about money. It's about your intention and mindset. 

I know you're a good soul. But I am saying this for the time when you question yourself. 

Do one good thing every time you feel sad, or demotivated as a freelancer. It will make you feel good instantly. 


Shout-out for the week 

(Starting this section from today where I will share positive moves taken by a fellow freelancer during the last week). 

Priyanka Dey launched her first book on Kindle - How to Right your Writing?  

Read more about it on LinkedIn

Let's start by cheering her up today via a shout-out!  


The Promised Gift - Become a Better Freelancer  with FreelanceHub

I am trying to feel better by making others feel better.  And really sorry for the pep talk instead of no real 'actionable gyaan' here in this newsletter today.

But I have something big to cheer you up and help you start taking action towards becoming a better freelancer, right away.  

Your gift is finally ready. 

But before I reveal the gift, I wanted to give you the answer to the riddle in my last newsletter.

The Answer was 'KNOWLEDGE'!  

Now, you'd wonder, how something intangible such as knowledge can be a tangible gift? Well, that's why it took me so much time to convert something vague into something actionable. 

And I am happy to give it to you today.

I give to you, FreelanceHub - Your single point resource hub for everything you need to get better at freelancing.  

It took me quite some time to prepare this. But I hope you'll like it. I've added every resource, gyaan, blog, and information, I've ever shared with the community on a single website.

The best part- it's  absolutely free for you to access, bookmark and share. Yes, you heard it right. You're free to use it, and reference it every time you feel confused.    

Combined with FreelanceBytes and Beyond ABC, the FreelanceHub offers everything you need to stand out as a freelancer and take the right turn towards growth. I've said it again and again, that you'll have to start working yourself to grow. So, now you have a reference for every situation, right at your disposal.

The second best thing about this?

I'll update FreelanceHub every week just as this newsletter. So, you'll find a lot of info added to it every time you check it out. 

So, you don't want to miss out on all the action. Now, I won't have to nudge you again and again with a link I want you to read. Just go to FreelanceHub and you'll find something useful to be a better freelancer every time. 


That was all from me today. I hope you like your gift. If you don't like it, please let me know before you let others know. And if you like it, feel free to share it with your fellow freelancers. Why should we keep all that we know to ourselves?


Till the next time.... 


Keep freelancing! 


Your freelance companion 

Anmol Ratan Sachdeva 


Beyond ABC is now on rocking Also, I have another surprise for you in the coming mail. So, stay tuned. :) 



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