You've Got Personality (Cling to it Like a Baby)    


I hope January was fun and you're going strong in 2021. 

Now, You'd be thinking why is Anmol sending me an email with Llyod Price's 1959 record as a subject line? 

Let me explain!  

We already had a long break throughout 2020 (and I hear many still haven't come out of that lazy work from home vibe).  But personally, I think it's high time we take our work up a notch. (We've lazed around for a year almost). 

This means now we need to come out of our comfort zone- things we're already good at doing. But has comfort zone ever helped anyone grow? 

I don't think so. 

So, today I am gonna target a comfort zone we've all lived in, at some point in our lives as a freelancer. 


Well, the thing is...... ‘LAUNCH SOMETHING AND THE USERS WILL COME’ doesn’t work in 2021 anymore. 

I am ‘all in’ for inbound personally, but inbound doesn't mean you keep an eternal 'hate relationship' with marketing. Just for clarity - marketing isn't just posting on social media profiles. (Which many think nowadays)

As a freelancer, marketing isn't your enemy but a friendly neighbor! 

You don't need to know everything about your neighbor, but still, you need to check-in from time to time, support and have a cordial relationship, anyway. 


Start Marketing Your Personality (If You Hate Marketing's Guts) 

Recently, I was talking to two freelancers- both unrelated - from different sectors, from different worlds.

Both said the same thing to me- “I don't want to learn marketing. It's too sleazy a way to promote myself and get work.” 

NO! Marketing isn't sleazy. In fact, marketing isn't something bad at all, if done right.

And you know what? You don't need to market yourself explicitly.... 

(Because you've got personality...........) 


I won't go into depths but let me give you some basic mantras that would keep you focused: 

  • Make marketing a part of your being and your personality

    Start showcasing your personality through your work as well as your online persona. That’s what personal branding is all about (and not just having a branded hashtag on social media). Personality should be flawlessly embedded in everything you write, speak or share. 

  • Act like a caring, selfless mother

    You know how our mothers know exactly what we like or hate eating. They cook a meal accordingly on special occasions like our birthday and we love the food always.

    Similarly, be like your mother - your audience is your child and the meal is the way you position and market yourself. (Instead of ignoring your audience’s needs and desires while marketing) 


If you do these two things, you'll always be a hit, and stand out among the crowd. Also, your inbound strategy (people coming to you for getting work done) will give you better results. 

If you keep brooding over marketing instead - looking at others (what and how they’re doing something), you'll only end up being miserable. 

Marketing isn’t your enemy and you don’t need to be in a constant battle of consistency, social media activity and all.

Just think about how you can make it more relatable to your existence, and you’ll start enjoying it. (Instead of hating it) 


People to Look Upto (Who are Acing Personality Marketing )
Shoutout for the Week 


Akshaya Chandramouli - The Newsletter Nerd Show 

Who doesn’t know Akshaya and her obsession with newsletters? (If you don’t know her, I suggest you should leave everything and take a look at her profile, right away) 

She has been a newsletter nerd (for real) for as long as I can remember - constantly sharing relevant newsletters, supporting creators and being a part of the community. 

She isn’t a full-time freelancer (yet) but The Newsletter Nerd Show's journey is everything you should look up to when thinking about personality marketing: 

  • She knew her audience well even before she launched her show (just like a mother knowing what her child likes) 
  • She was relevant and supportive 
  • She was already sharing lots of relevant stuff about newsletters with everyone on LinkedIn and Twitter 

In short, newsletters were something that was a part of her personality - her being, ever since I have known her.  

And when she came up with The Newsletter Nerd Show and announced it publically, there was no question of ‘subscribing’ or ‘giving it a pass. 

I rarely hear podcasts but The Newsletter Nerd is the only one I check out (whenever I go the podcast lane). 

And don’t get me started on how she adds flavor to Paperflite blogs because of her ‘reader personality’. 

She’s a master at ‘adding personality’ to marketing effortlessly - as closest to a wizard you’ll find in the marketing world. 

If you’re freelancing (or running your side gig) and are confused about marketing (or hate marketing), start learning the art of ‘adding personality’. 

Trust me, people take note of it and they’ll start recognizing you, sooner than later. 


Short Reading List on Embracing Your Personality (or Expertise) for Building & Growing Your Business


I think that's enough for today. I hope you'll think about the whole 'breaking comfort zones' discussion sometime soon.  


Personal Update 

Beyond ABC is now also available as an eBook. Also, Beyond ABC launched on AppSumo marketplace this week.


Beyond ABC eBook is now available on AppSumo and my BMAC page. :) 

That's all I guess! 



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